-Thanks for the Riff-Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres

-Reflection(s) on Monk

Prigioniero del Mare

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October 2012
Jerry D. Tiberi , guitarist • Norberto I checked out Lovely Tunes. I really like your playing. I hear some if my favorite pianists in your playing yet its definitely your own sound.... Your left hand is beautiful--not busy at all ala Bill Evans. Also you have just the right amount of Monk in your playing which is a compliment. Bill Evans + Monk is what I hear in your music + Norberto. I love it!

March 2011
Scott Albin says:
" I enjoyed Thanks for the Riff music"

November 2010
Gerlando Gatto:
"Norberto Tamburrino e' un eccellente pianista di cui ho spesso parlato su questo sito.." da OnLine-jazz.net

March 2010
"I am faithful listener of your music and I'd like to share with my radio station listeners your extensive stock of music. Your work is a valuable contribution to my human and cultural growth. Thank you very much." Gustavo Adolfo Bustamante at Ritmos en Jazz-Colombia

About Reflection(s) on Monk: December 02, 2008
" You should know that I receive a lot of music to listen too and I have to say that I really enjoyed your piano playing, tune selection, band personnel and arrangements. This is a first class production all the way.   I’d love to help spread the word about your music and talent."
Jim Eigo at Jazz Promo Services- New York

OVER THE RAINBOW (audio file)
my original solo piano version

listen to/download for free here 1920kb

Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres"

Norberto Tamburrino and this Album @
Top 40 Charts.com

Norberto Tamburrino
piano solo
Art Notes Records AN102

An original Piano Solo Collection of Modern Compositions

3 Recensioni

Questo Album contiene 16 composizioni originali, tenendo presente che ci sono 9 "Piano Atmospheres" totalmente improvvisate. Registrazioni del dicembre 2007, Marzo 2008, dicembre '09.

"..The solo piano tunes, whether composed or improvised, are much more successful; Tamburrino connects effectively with the acoustic instrument, producing attractive, thoughtful performances across a series of brief and reflective pieces..." Leggi tutta la recensione su Multiple Reviews by Bruce Lindsay

Sentite di piu' su Ascoltabile Piano (the Intro)

The track 7- "Is Atlantis On The Sky?- is a multitrack
recording with 2 pianos, and overdubbed keyboards using
violins, electric piano, bass; a long piano intro built on
augmented scales preceding the theme

Classic Jazz/Swing Best Selling

Prisoner of The Sea- Prigioniero del Mare

Prigioniero del Mare
Prisoner of the Sea

Arabesque Recordings AJ
0183 (2007)
Dist. IRD

CLICCA sulla COPERTINA e visita la pagina dedicata al cd

“.. I must say that already after listening to the first album, certain of Tamburrino's characteristics had hit me, characteristics that I found amplified in the new album which I don't hesitate to define excellent, and for more than one reason. Most of all, the artist from Puglia shows that he's a well-rounded musician which makes one praise him under different aspects, principally as a composer...” by Gerlando Gatto
From www.online-jazz.net -2008, January

In trio, Tamburrino miscela le raffinatezze armoniche di Bill Evans con le asperità di T. Monk ottenendo un risultato interessante grazie anche all’ottimo interplay con la ritmica americana e alla completa padronanza degli ottantotto tasti...”
by Vincenzo Roggero From All About Jazz-Itay (May '08)

Mp3 Downloads

Il cd contiene 12 brani, 10 mie composizioni (con un'Alt take)
e "Pannonica" di Thelonious Monk.  



 Deco, Splasch by Norberto Tamburrino-audio cd

CDH 978.2
SPLASC(H) Records  Italian Jazz

by Norberto Tamburrino
feat. Fabio Morgera, J. D. Allen

"E' personaggio interessante, questo pianista della nuova onda di jazzisti pugliesi che si divide tra movenze classicheggianti e zone franche alla maniera Westoniana, cui aggiunge masticate traiettorie vicine all'inevitabile Thelonious Monk...”
by L. T. from Jazz Magazine, Italia

Leggi la recensione di John Barron a All About Jazz

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