-Thanks for the Riff
-Ascoltabile Piano
- Reflection(S) on Monk
-Prigioniero del Mare

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-October 2012
Jerry D. Tiberi , guitarist • Norberto I checked out Lovely Tunes. I really like your playing. I hear some if my favorite pianists in your playing yet its definitely your own sound.... Your left hand is beautiful--not busy at all ala Bill Evans. Also you have just the right amount of Monk in your playing which is a compliment. Bill Evans + Monk is what I hear in your music + Norberto. I love it!

-March 2011
Scott Albin says:" I enjoyed Thanks for the Riff music

-November 2010
Gerlando Gatto:
"Norberto Tamburrino e' un eccellente pianista di cui ho spesso parlato su questo sito.." da OnLine-jazz.net

-March 2010
"I am faithful listener of your music and I'd like to share with my radio station listeners your extensive stock of music. Your work is a valuable contribution to my human and cultural growth. Thank you very much." Gustavo Adolfo Bustamante at Ritmos en Jazz-Colombia

About Reflection(s) on Monk: December 02, 2008 " You should know that I receive a lot of music to listen too and I have to say that I really enjoyed your piano playing, tune selection, band personnel and arrangements. This is a first class production all the way."
Jim Eigo at Jazz Promo Services- New York



November 2021
-Tuesday 27- Norverto Tamburrino
"Jazz & Art"
at Associazione Clam International, Taranto
Esposizione di Arte Contamporanea di Artisti locali ed internazionali con atmosfere musicali.

July 2021
-Tuesday 27- Norverto Tamburrino TRIO at Lowengrube, Taranto
Norberto Tamburrino piano, Eugenio Venneri bass Paolo Basile Drums

June 2021
-Sunday3- Norberto Tamburrino Duo
at Dedo Bar, Taranto
Norberto Tamburrino piano
Eugenio Venneri bass-electric bass
The Trio

May 2021
-I realesed an interview on Taranto Buonasera Jorrnal with some considerations.
by Vito Lalinga.

-Dear friends, I'm a very lucky man because I continued to beleive in the
Art of Music!!!
infact I'm proud to announce all of you that have been officially nominated
by the Akademia of Music Award Los Angeles Executive Team for The Akademia 2021 Rising Star Award!!!
"a special honor being bestowed upon those artists whose talent and perseverance in the field of music during extraordinary times have created a strong foundation for future success."

March 2021
I created a couple of new compositions

May 2020
Thank you The Akademia Music Awards, Los Angeles, I'm very proud to be officially nominated by the Akademia Executive Team for The Akademia 2020 Artist Vision Award, a special honor being bestowed upon those artists of exceptional talent and vision in the foeld of music!.
This is a significant accomplishment to be selected out of tens of Thousands of contenders from all around the world!
The 2019 was a very good year for my music for the prestigious 2019 Executive Music Award.

April 2020
I'm in a completely isolation with my family due pandemic, so I have time to create new music.Infact I found inspiration for new compositions and recorded a short demo that I sent to some special persons, slisteners in Los Angeles that told me enjoyed my new music. So I'm very happy about ii and I'm thinking to start a new project.

January 2020
Live music every Friday
Norberto Tamburrino piano & Guests at ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento Leporano, Italy

December 2019
THE HIGH FLY trio featurimg Lucia Bax live concerts
with Fabrizio Galasso tenor sax, Norberto Tamburrino piano, Francesco Mariella bass Lucia Bax vocalist
The High Fly trio
-Tuesday 17 at Lowengrube Taramto. Viale Magna Grecia 115f
-Tuesday 31 New year's Eve at ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento , Leporano, Taranto, Italy

November 2019
I founded a new band based in Taranto: THE HIGH FLY trio with
Fabrizio Galasso
tenor sax, Norberto Tamburrino piano, Francesco Mariella bass

April 2019
Los Angeles,
The 2019 Akademia Executive Award is given to Norberto Tamburrino
" for outstanding creativity, artistry and professional achievement in the field of music. See the page of the Certificate at Akademia, Los Angeles

August 2018
Los Angeles, Norberto Tamburrino is the winner of
the August 2018 Akademia Music Award for Best Jazz Song for his original composition ‘A Breath On Wings’ see more
October 2017
Norberto Tamburrino Live Performance in Florence, Italy
-Thursday 12 at Vecchio Mercato Restaurant
-Friday 13 at Paszkowski
Norberto Tamburrino live at Paszkowski

April 2017
Live music
every Friday in April
Norberto Tamburrino piano & Guests at ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento Leporano, Italy

March 2017-Jazz Article
A Case for Norberto Tamburrino
" .. Norberto Tamburrino will be in music history books as the 21st-century avant-garde yet to be discovered and highly regarded. Many jazz enthusiasts misunderstand Norberto Tamburrino's alignment with avant-garde and jazz fundamentalists.." read all. by John Wesley Reed Jr

December 2016
Saturday 31 Party di Capodanno at ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento Leporano, Italy 2016
Live Jazz with
Lucia Bax vocalist
Roberto Spagnolo
tenor sax, flute, music selections
Norberto Tamburrino
piano, music selections

October 2016
The Music of Norberto Tamburrino live at Cibo per la mente
Saturday 1-The Music of Norberto Tamburrino
Live at Cibo per la Mente -Caffe' Letterario, Taranto.
Norberto Tamburrino piano
Francesco Mariella bass
Live music & Jam every Saturday at ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento Leporano, Italy 2016

December 2015
New Years Eve Concert at ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento Restaurant, Music Bar. Leporano, Italy
Lucia Iunco vocalist
Roberto Spagnolo flute, tenor sax
Norberto Tamburrino piano

May 2015
Live Concerts & Jams every Saturday ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento Restaurant, Music Bar. Leporano, Norberto Tamburrino and Francesco MariellaItaly

Norberto Tamburrino

Francesco Mariella

Fabrizio Galasso alto sax
Roberto Spagnolo tenor sax and flute




September 2014
-Saturday 14- My new Album Subconscious Falls released by Art Notes Records

-Saturday 8- 8 Marzo at ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento Leporano, Italy The Music of Norberto Tamburrino, Norberto Tamburrino piano
Norberto tamburrino live @ ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento
February 2014
-Saturday 22- Concert at Cibo per la Mente, Taranto Tribute to Monk
Fabrizio Galasso alto sax, Norberto Tamburrino piano, Eugenio Venneri bass

-Friday 14- San Valentine's Day at ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento Leporano, Taranto Atmosfere romantiche Norberto Tamburrino recital piano solo

-Giovedì 13- Open band trio in Jam Session at Tabir birroteca, Taranto

-Saturday 8- Concert at Cibo per la Mente, Taranto Non Solo Swing Trio
"Un viaggio musicale dallo Swing al Funky". Francesco Esposito el. bass, Mino Inglese, drums Norberto Tamburrino el. piano

January 2014
-Saturday 25- Concerto a Cibo per la Mente, Caffe Letterario, Taranto Roberto Spagnolo New Jazz Trio Roberto Spagnolo tenor sax, Norberto Tamburrino piano, Francesco Mariella bass
-Friday 3- Pino Clementi Quartet Concert at ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento, Leporano, Taranto with
Pino Clementi, Norberto tamburrino, Francesco Mariella, Mino Inglese live @ ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento
Pino Clementi
flute, alto sax, Norberto Tamburrino, Francesco Mariella bass, Mino Inglese drums

December 2013
-Tuesday 31- New Year's Eve Concert at ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento, Leporano, Taranto with The Music of Norberto Tamburrino, Eugenio Venneri & Virginia Pavone

-Saturday 14
. Concert at Lesouk, Contrada Pantano, Ginosa Marina, Taranto : Virginia Pavone vocalist, Norberto Tamburrino piano, Eugenio Venneri contrabbasso, Marcello Nisi drums
November 2013
-Saturday 9. Concerto da Lesouk, Contrada Pantano, Ginosa Marina, Taranto :
Tribute to the Swing with Norberto Tamburrino, Francesco Mariella

Tribute to the Swing
: Norberto Tamburrino piano,
Francesco Mariella
bass, Marcello Nisi drums

October 2013
-Sunday 13- Concert at Cibo per la Mente, Literary Cafe, Taranto vecchia (Via Duomo):
"Jazz d'Autore" The Music of Norberto Tamburrino-
Norberto Tamburrino & Eugenio Venneri live at Cibo per la Mente
Original Music with Norberto Tamburrino piano, Eugenio Venneri bass

August 2013
-Thursday 1- Concert at ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento, Leporano, Taranto
Trio with Roberto Spagnolo tenor sax, Francesco Mariella double bass, Norberto Tamburrino piano

-Thursday 8- Jam Session, at ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento, Leporano, Taranto
My Jam at ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento

open mike with Norberto Tamburrino piano, Eugenio Venneri double bass, Marcello Nisi drums

-Thursday 22- Jam Session at ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento, Leporano, Taranto

Jam Session with Jino Touche at ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento







open mike
Norberto Tamburrino piano,Marcello Nisi drums-
special guest Jino Touche on bass

-Thursday 29-live with Mike Rubini 4et at ControCorrente alla Baia d'ArgentoConcerto Mike Rubini Quartet

at ControCorrente alla Baia d'Argento, Leporano, Taranto
Mike Rubini
tenor sax, Norberto Tamburrino piano,
Francesco Mariella
bass, Gianlivio Liberti drums

January 2013
Sunday 20, The original composition "Our Love The Music of Existence"
from "Thanks for ther Riff" Art Notes Records at Anima Jazz Radio

December 2012
I performed in piano solo at a couple of private gigs in Leporano and Castrignano del Capo.

- Sometime ago, in late, I was very happy to know that my original composition "Oggi Macedonia" from Prisoner of the Sea album was in
51st GRAMMY Entry List Field 23 - Composing/Arranging
Category 85 - Best Instrumental Composition

April 2012
-on 22nd, You can listen to the track It could Happen to You from Lovely Tunes on Jazz Cafe' a Radio Program
hosted by Edward Blanco at WDNA Radio, Florida
-on 29th, In Battiti a jazz program hosted by Pino Saulo on Radio3 Rai in streaming my new composition Impro Love from the last album Lovely Tunes
-Thuesday 27 , the new Album Lovely Tunes rewiewed by Edward blanco at All About Jazz: "A musician with a preference for the softer side of jazz, pianist Norberto Tamburrino offers a break from the boisterous horns and saxophones, and the pounding sounds of the percussive instruments, with a masterful solo piano performance of Lovely Tunes that is truly a pleasure to hear often."

-Saturday 24, Thanks for the Riff on Smooth Jazz radio Channel

Lovely Tunes album reviewed by Gerlando Gatto (on line jazz.net):".una musica che si sviluppa in modo omogeneo, sicuro passando senza alcuna apparente difficoltà dallo swing al jazz anni cinquanta fino a giungere ai giorni d’oggi evidenziando quella enciclopedia cultura pianistica che, unitamente alle caratteristiche prima descritte, fanno di Tamburrino un interprete di primo piano del jazz made in Italy.."

February 2012
NEW ALBUM Lovely Tunes released by Art Notes Records
a collection of Love Themes, featuring Francesco Mariella
available on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2012

September 2011
Thanks for the Riff recommended by Giuseppe Piacentino on Musica Jazz Italy:" Questo e' un CD compatto e ascoltarlo e' un vero piacere per le orecchie"

August 25
Review at All About Jazz, Italy:
"Tamburrino ha consolidato una conoscenza molto ampia del linguaggio jazzistico che emerge fin dal "Thanks for the Riff" che apre il disco e dà il titolo all'album. Le raffinateze armoniche si susseguono insieme a invenzioni melodiche interessanti e atmosfere classicheggianti, dando vita ad un piacevole cocktail di standards e brani originali, fra novità e tradizione..." from Thanks for the Riff by Vittorio Loconte

Thanks for the Riff
Thanks for the Riff, Art Notes Records Album by Norberto Tamburrino

Norberto Tamburrino
Francesco Mariella bass

Art Notes Records
"Ancora una prova superlativa del pianista Norberto Tamburrino che attraverso undici brani evidenzia tutta la maestria di un pianismo basato su una solida preparazione di base e su una profonda conoscenza della letteratura pianistica..." review by Gerlando Gatto, April 2011

11 tracks, 8 original compositions
and 3 famous Jazz Standards

April 21, 2011-performing piano solo (private party)
@ Hotel Mercure, Taranto, Italy

January 6, 2011- 2 reviews
by American pianist Richard Henry
"...His jazz harmony and improvised runs work together perfectly. Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres is a must listen for jazz fans."Read all review on WorldWide-Jazz

"..The fires of musical energy are felt in this album that translates into a musical delight for the listener. Norberto projects true love for jazz music through his playing and has the right touch for jazz piano. Reflections(S) On Monk needs to be in your jazz CD collection."
WorldWide Jazz, Richard Henry

Sunday March13
Revelations from the Sky music live streaming at AnimaJazz Radio hosted by Bruno Pollacci from 2.30pm

December 27, 2010
Recording 2 new originals in a session with bass player Francesco Mariella

Friday November 12
Norberto Tamburrino & Elizabeth Kennedy Live @ PeaceLove Cafe







Norberto Tamburrino, piano guest Elizabeth Kennedy
venue: Peace Love Cafe, Bronx- New York

Saturday November 13
Norberto Tamburrino Live @ University Of The Streets


Norberto Tamburrino, piano solo

venue: University of the Streets, New York


Sunday November 14
Norberto Tamburrino Live @ 5 Cultural Center Cafe


Norberto Tamburrino, piano solo
5 Cultural Center Cafe. New York




Monday November 15
Norberto Tamburrino, piano solo
Leslie's Birthday-private party, Queens, New York

Friday November 19, 2010
Norberto Tamburrino @ PeaceLove Cafe



Norberto Tamburrino, piano solo
venue: Peace Love Cafe- New York



October 15, 2010- compositions
New compositions full of feeling come out from my 88 keys (warming the piano!)
It'll be introduced in New York tour scheduled for November.
Come there to preview it!

July 31, -review
Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres
"Sicuramente un lavoro riuscito che rappresenta un tassello importante nella discografia del pianista pugliese in una dimensione in cui a venir fuori è proprio il gusto e fraseggio di Tamburrino, che si conferma un artista completo."
Review by Luca Labrini, Jazz Italia

May 9, 2010- Recording
In Taranto I worked as sound engineer for
Rosario Conte archlute solo recording Toccata XX

April 28th- Multiple Reviews at All About Jazz by Bruce Lindsay:
Norberto Tamburrino Solo & Ensemble about my latest releases

-April 23th, 2010- Concert
Norberto Tamburrino piano solo
guest Elizabeth Kennedy
at Peace Love Cafe, 617 Melrose Avenue, Bronx New York
start 8pm

-April 24th, 2010-Concert

Norberto Tamburrino
recital piano solo
at The Muhammad Salahuddeen Memorial Jazz Theatre, University Of The Streets, 130 E 7th St. New York- start 8pm

-April 25th, 2010
at 5 Cultural Center & Cafe, 5 St. & Ave. C, New York

February 2010
saturday 6 I'm live guest @ Senza Filtro Broadcast on Publiradio Taranto speacking with Daniele Sacco and Rosa Maria & Francesco Falcone conductors speaking about some musical experiences in NY.I like a lot some lirics created by Rosa Maria!! I was involved in a very emotional moment by it. At that same while we listened to "Prisoner Of The Sea-Prigioniero Del Mare". Then also "The Latin Way Of The Freedom " from Reflection(s) on Monk and All Dreams We Can See In Your Eyes played there.

January 8, 2010
"Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres" released

December '09
I finished the new piano solo album. It will be released in January 2010 by
Art Notes Records

November '09
thuesday 26
Having a recording session in Taranto with Roberto Spagnolo on tenor sax, Francesco Mariella on bass and drummer Marcello Nisi . We record some original compositions in quartet and trio.

Wednesday 28
I back from Portugal and I started with Art Notes Records

September '09
Wednesday 2
Concert at Chiostro S. Michele in Taranto, Italy

 The Norberto Tamburrino Apulia Trio Introducing "Reflection(s) on Monk"
w.Norberto Tamburrino piano, Francesco Mariella bass, Marcello Nisi, drums
Free entrance-Start 8.30pm Organization by Taranto City Arts & Spectacles Council. Program: Original & Classic Jazz Music by Tamburrino, Monk, Bud Powell & more Style: Straightahead/Mainstream/Bop/Hard Bop/Cool

December '08
Recording session on November 17th in New York with J D Allen, Joseph Lepore, Bruce Cox at Eastsidesound Studio. We recorded some originals for a new project containing 9 tunes that will be released in 2009 by Philology Jazz.
This album also includes some tunes that I recorded in Italy in solo piano and with bass player Francesco Mariella.
In New York I attended a couple of times to the Barry Harris Workhops and I also knew the drummer Billy Drummond at The Smalls on Nov 13th where he was performing with his trio and I was deeply influenced by his rhythms & grooves.

August '08
Tuesday 26
Concert Norberto Tamburrino solo piano and keyboards presents
Prigioniero del Mare
Music in The Social Party "Memorial for Gino & Antonio" at Baia d'argento restaurant -Leporano Marina, Taranto. Start 10pm

September '07
 Martina Franca (Ta)- Locanda Montefolle  saturday 8th
I have a concert in Duo with vocalist Elizabeth Kennedy
The “Associazione Culturale “Montefolle tra i Due Mari” appreciated a lot music I played on July 21th with my Trio. In these Concerts we'll play new tunes I composed when my daughter born in July. Info: 333 8532228- 328 2251607

August '07
   Matera-After the nice Concert in Duo I had with Fabio Morgera on the 29th of July, I back San Pietro Barisano Residence with another Duo with the magic voice of the newyorker singer Elizabeth Kennedy. Together we have 2 Concerts on thursday 30th & friday 31st and also we recorded in duo an original composition "All Dreams We Can See In Your Eyes" that I did in this period thinking of my beatiful children

July '07
saturday 21st - Martina Franca - Contrada Monte Fellone
Concert in beatiful anphitheatre at Locanda Montefolle I play with Francesco Lomagistro on drums and my friend bass player Francesco Mariella.
We play some I did this spring and also music by Duke Ellington, Jobim tunes and then my unmissable Monk's tribute. Info: 3338532228- 328 2251607

-Norberto Tamburrino & Fabio Morgera- Duo and Quartet- Concerts

saturday 28th-Santa Maria di Leuca (Lecce),Lungomare-Quartet- with Vincenzo Maccuro on bass. Organized by Assessorato Cultura e  Spettacolo del Comune di Castrignano del Capo
sunday 29th - Matera-Acustico Concert in Duo for trumpet and piano at San Pietro Barisano Residence Rione San Biagio, in particular atmosphere of Sassi (Sasso Barisano).
monday 30th - Leporano (Taranto)-in Quartet at Castello Muscettola with Marco Bardoscia on bass and Dario Congedo on drums. Org. by Comune di Leporano. In these concerts we play some our original compositions from my cd “Deco“ and others Fabio Morgera's tunes

January '07
Wednesday the 17th I and Fabio Morgera go on the air on Anima Jazz.it Radio hosted by Bruno Pollacci. It's an interesting place to check for everybody likes news about good music. During this broadcasting, from 9pm to 10pm, you can hear our duo (trumpet and piano) playing music from the cd  Deco I recorded in November '04 in New York for Italian label  Splasc(h) Records
December '06
Prisoner  Of  The  Sea-Prigioniero  del  mare” is my new cd, for 
 "Arabesque  Recordings"
 will be edited in 2007.; I like a lot  J. D.  Allentenor sax solos on 1st and 6th tunes. After the recording session I was at the Eastsidesound Studio in New York, where Marc Urselli did sound editing and mastering the disc.
   November '06
Hi everybody, I'm in New York City, enjoing hot Autumn air.On Friday 10th I have a recording session at the Uptime Studios  in NYC with bass player  Joseph  Lepore,  Bruce  Cox on drums and tenorist J. D.  Allen, he playing some wonderful solos on   Prisoner Of The Sea-Prigioniero del mare ,  it's the first song of my new project and also  the title of it. My new disc is original enough to be considered a good contemporary product, full of some nice ideas and arrangements according some musicians like pianist Richard Clements, Fabio Morgera and 1 great american label records is interested in this new work.
On Thursday 9th I played some tunes with Salim Washington special sound on sax and flute, Joseph Lepore on bass invited me and 3 different great drummers at  Minton's Playhouse. On Sunday 19th I enjoyed to play a jam with fantastic drummer  Billy Kaye at  Smalls. I also appreciated the guitarist Allan Rubinstein  at  FatCat on tuesday 21st.
August '06
 Fabio Morgera & Norberto Tamburrino New Quartet
 Concerts in Apulia
The New Jazz- many new songs with a great rythmic section by
Alessandro Patti, bass Davide Pettirossi, drums

- Sat August 5
- "Le Souk"- First Events on saturday the 15th  of July, at Contrada Pantano, località Montedoro at Marina di Ginosa, Ta.    Info: Tel 348 2842381
-Sun 6 - Cassano Murge (Ba)-Piazza centrale  Aldo Moro. The Concert in Rassegna Agosto Cassanese by Rufino Petruzzellis, President of Associazione Culturale Ca'Jazzando con il patrocinio del Comune di Cassano Murge.

March '05- I had 3 Concerts in Puglia with Fabio Morgera on trumpet, Marcello Nisi on drums and 2 different bass players. They are Giuseppe Bassi and Michele Colaci
March 17 - BAKAYOKO' Pub- Festival " Suoni Inauditi"-Org. by Ass. Boy's Sport Arte & Cultura Galatina Associazione Culturale Melos. Via Isonzo, 2- Parabita, LE.
19th- SAINT PATRICK-Barletta, BA
21st - EL COHIBA 59 -FESTA DEL GELATO. Free homely Icecream and Fabio Morgera 4et in Concert- Viale dei Micenei- Marina di Pulsano, TA

May 2006
Norberto Tamburrino presents music from Deco at Lucky Cornet, Taranto
concert with: Roberto Spagnolo ten sax, Manuela Re vocalist, Michele Colaci bass, Marcello Nisi drums

August 3th '05
More than 600 people came to see us to La Baia. Mr Cosimo Colonna, manager of the place said "The concert was one of the best events we did here, The New Jazz played by the band was a great attractive even for youngers".
From NYC for a special event :"Jazz at the Baia”

concert with Bruce Cox, drums, Fabio Morgera, trumpet,
Norberto Tamburrino
, piano Giuseppe Bassi, bass
Two great performers of contemporary music, come back to Taranto, playing original and traditional jazz. La Baia is a wonderful place, between ancient rocks, to visit if you are in Puglia; It's in Marina di Pulsano, Taranto-Italy

Agust 2nd '05 at Massafra Castle
"Sognando in una notte d'estate 2005"-Quando la musica e le immagni s' incontrano. Live improvvisation on multimedial event Alien DJ, Mauro Boccuni, proiezioni multimediali. Special guest Bruce Cox,drums, percussions-Fabio Morgera, voice, trumpet, flugelhorn, effects-Norberto Tamburrino, keyboard, effects. org. by Comune di Massafra e Ass Culturale Alien Aktion Movie

Mercoledì 1 Giugno -Chiostro Comunale di Putignano, Bari -ore 21,30
Si terrà una serata per il trombettista Vincenzo De Luci. Interverrano numerosi gruppi. Suonati un paio di brani, insieme a Vittorio Bruno, contrabbasso;Antonio Di Lorenzo, batteria.

Maggio 2005
Ritorniamo in Puglia, dopo il mini tour di Aprile
J. D.
Allen, Fabio Morgera & Norberto Tamburrino 5et, concerts
Giovedì 5 Maggio al Taylors di Bitritto (Ba), via Papa Pio xii, tel. 080 634027
Sabato 7 Maggio al Ueffilo di Gioia del Colle (BA)
Via D. Boscia 21. Tel 080 3430946

Tarantopost   magazine      interview

April  2005
N. Tamburrino & J D Allen at Jubelee
We're in Apulia (Puglia)with
J D Allen & Fabio Morgera 5et
1-3-4 aprile-at Jubelee Hotel in Corato, Ba
at Ueffilo in Gioia del Colle, Ba
at Barracca, Lama, Ta, where J. D. Allen e Fabio Morgera introduce their Jazz Workshop

In the spot light

Prisoner of The Sea- Prigioniero del Mare

Prigioniero del Mare
Prisoner of the Sea
Norberto Tamburrino
Arabesque Recordings AJ0183

Dist. Ird
Download mp3
this cd is also available at eMusic
Listen some tunes of this cd and become member of
"Norberto Tamburrino Group" on IMEEM

Tamburrino occupies the same rhythmic sensibility as Monk; playing alone, he moves around the piano with just those pensive, eccentric footsteps, clatters, trips.." Read all review by Jay Deshpande

read other reviews of this work on:
All About Jazz Italia

It's a 12 tunes compilation, containing 10 compositions I did and  Pannonica by Thelonious Monk. The rhythm section is fine : by  Joseph  Lepore on bass and  Bruce  Coxon drums playing on first 6 tunes . ..J. D. Allen recorded his sax on 2 tracks with us in New York on last November. Remaining 6 tracks are in solo piano,
I recorded it in Italy. There's a strange sound tune I called "Stars in Box" in which I overdubbed my piano on a track I did with a keyboard with some koto, organ, violins and el. piano

other info on Arabesque Recordings website