-Thanks for the Riff
-Ascoltabile Piano
- Reflection(S) on Monk
-Prigioniero del Mare

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-October 2012
Jerry D. Tiberi , guitarist • Norberto I checked out Lovely Tunes. I really like your playing. I hear some if my favorite pianists in your playing yet its definitely your own sound.... Your left hand is beautiful--not busy at all ala Bill Evans. Also you have just the right amount of Monk in your playing which is a compliment. Bill Evans + Monk is what I hear in your music + Norberto. I love it!

-March 2011
Scott Albin says:" I enjoyed Thanks for the Riff music

-November 2010
Gerlando Gatto:
"Norberto Tamburrino e' un eccellente pianista di cui ho spesso parlato su questo sito.." da OnLine-jazz.net

-March 2010
"I am faithful listener of your music and I'd like to share with my radio station listeners your extensive stock of music. Your work is a valuable contribution to my human and cultural growth. Thank you very much." Gustavo Adolfo Bustamante at Ritmos en Jazz-Colombia

About Reflection(s) on Monk: December 02, 2008 " You should know that I receive a lot of music to listen too and I have to say that I really enjoyed your piano playing, tune selection, band personnel and arrangements. This is a first class production all the way."
Jim Eigo at Jazz Promo Services- New York


Lovely Tunes
  a collection of Love Themes
The ideal album for a romantic swing

Lovely Tunes album reviewed by Gerlando Gatto on line jazz.net): ".una musica che si sviluppa in modo omogeneo, sicuro passando senza alcuna apparente difficoltà dallo swing al jazz anni cinquanta fino a giungere ai giorni d’oggi evidenziando quella enciclopedia cultura pianistica che, unitamente alle caratteristiche prima descritte, fanno di Tamburrino un interprete di primo piano del jazz made in Italy.."

I'm giving away a free song and a partial download!  Just click on the links below, and you'll get an immediate, complete download of the first song "Discovering Your Secrets"
and part of "Impro Love"

Lovely Tunes, inlay cover

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Thanks for the Riff

Thanks for the Riff
Recommended by
Musica Jazz
"...questo e' un cd compatto. E ascoltarlo e' un vero piacere per le orecchie." Giuseppe Piacentino, Musica Jazz
Italy n° 9 2011

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"Ancora una prova superlativa del pianista Norberto Tamburrino che attraverso undici brani evidenzia tutta la maestria di un pianismo basato su una solida preparazione di base e su una profonda conoscenza della letteratura pianistica.
from "I nostri CD" by Gerlando Gatto, April 2011

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"Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres"

Ascoltabile Piamo & Atmospheres solo piano Album by Norberto Tamburrino

An original Piano Solo Collection of Modern Compositions

Norberto Tamburrino piano solo @ Top 40 Charts.com

16 Original tracks including 9 totally
free improvised "Piano Atmospheres

What Critics said:"...His jazz harmony and improvised runs work together perfectly. Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres is a must listen for jazz fans." Richard Henry Read all on Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres review
"..The solo piano tunes, whether composed or improvised, are much more successful; Tamburrino connects effectively with the acoustic instrument, producing attractive, thoughtful performances across a series of brief and reflective pieces..." Read all on Multiple Reviews by Bruce Lindsay

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Hear more about Ascoltabile Piano (the Intro)

Jazz/Soul Single

All Dreams We Can See In Your Eyes
All Dreams We Can See in Your Eyes

Art Notes Records AN101

Music & Words by
Norberto Tamburrino,
with Elizabeth Kennedy vocalist

It's an original Soul/Jazz tune speaking about dreams, hopes and goodness to all Children on the Planet