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-October 2012
Jerry D. Tiberi , guitarist • Norberto I checked out Lovely Tunes. I really like your playing. I hear some if my favorite pianists in your playing yet its definitely your own sound.... Your left hand is beautiful--not busy at all ala Bill Evans. Also you have just the right amount of Monk in your playing which is a compliment. Bill Evans + Monk is what I hear in your music + Norberto. I love it!

-March 2011
Scott Albin says:" I enjoyed Thanks for the Riff music

-November 2010
Gerlando Gatto:
"Norberto Tamburrino e' un eccellente pianista di cui ho spesso parlato su questo sito.." da OnLine-jazz.net

-March 2010
"I am faithful listener of your music and I'd like to share with my radio station listeners your extensive stock of music. Your work is a valuable contribution to my human and cultural growth. Thank you very much." Gustavo Adolfo Bustamante at Ritmos en Jazz-Colombia

About Reflection(s) on Monk: December 02, 2008 " You should know that I receive a lot of music to listen too and I have to say that I really enjoyed your piano playing, tune selection, band personnel and arrangements. This is a first class production all the way."
Jim Eigo at Jazz Promo Services- New York


A little gift for you!!
an unedited, Latin version of "Messages from a Lost World" from the same recording session.
Listen to and download for free
"Messages from a Lost World"(latin) HERE
Norberto Tamburrino
piano, Eugenio Venneri bass
new release

I'm proud to announce all of you that have been officially nominated by the Akademia of Music Award Los Angeles Executive Team for The Akademia 2021 Rising Star Award!!!

"a special honor being bestowed upon those artists whose talent and perseverance in the field of music during extraordinary times have created a strong foundation for future success."

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April 2020
Thank you The Akademia of Music Awards, Los Angeles, I'm very proud to receive The Akademia 2020 Artist Vision Award, a special honor being bestowed upon those artists of exceptional talent and vision in the field of music!.
This is a significant accomplishment to be selected out of tens of Thousands of contenders from all around the world.
below the presentation, my short performance and video acceptance speech at the 2020 Akademia Gala



Los Angeles, Norberto Tamburrino is the winner of the August 2018 Akademia Music Award forBest Jazz Song for his original composition ‘A Breath On Wings’
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Jazz Article
A Case for Norberto Tamburrino
" ..Norberto Tamburrino will be in music history books as the 21st-century avant-garde yet to be discovered and highly regarded. Many jazz enthusiasts misunderstand Norberto Tamburrino's alignment with avant-garde and jazz fundamentalists.." read all
by John Wesley Reed Jr

Thanks for the Riff

Norberto Tamburrino piano, featuring Francesco Mariella bass

Recommended by Italian Musica Jazz: "...questo e' un cd compatto. E ascoltarlo e' un vero piacere per le orecchie." Giuseppe Piacentino,Italy 9 2011
"Tamburrino ha consolidato una conoscenza molto ampia del linguaggio jazzistico che emerge fin dal "Thanks for the Riff" che apre il disco e dà il titolo all'album. Le raffinateze armoniche si susseguono insieme a invenzioni melodiche interessanti e atmosfere classicheggianti, dando vita ad un piacevole cocktail di standards e brani originali, fra novità e tradizione..." Vittorio Loconte from All About Jazz, Italy, August 2011

"Ancora una prova superlativa del pianista Norberto Tamburrino che attraverso undici brani evidenzia tutta la maestria di un pianismo basato su una solida preparazione di base e su una profonda conoscenza della letteratura pianistica..."
Review di Gerlando Gatto, April 2011


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